Experience, Expertise & Dedication
The cornerstone of effective compliance
In order to be effective and provide the requisite protection, ABC and AML compliance must be risk based and conform to the realities of the enterprise.  Risk assessment requires experience.  Gene Kleinhendler, holds 40 years of cross-border enforcement experience and has a deep understanding of where the risks lie and how to assess and mitigate exposure.
ABC and AML compliance requires intimate knowledge of Israeli criminal law, US FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, UN Convention Against Corruption and other regulations and interpretive decisions. GK Advisory maintains a high level of expertise in this area, and remains constantly updated as the laws and their implementation develop.
ABC and AML compliance is a dynamic effort. It requires constant monitoring and vigilance. An effective program must meet the ongoing specialized needs of the business. GK Advisory offers ongoing monitoring as well as red flag training and analysis. GK Advisory remains available and engaged to assist and advise when issues arise as the company and its third-party representatives go about their business.
‘GK Advisory maintains a high level of expertise in this area and remains constantly up to date, as the laws and their implementation develop.’
Why Compliance
Israeli, U.S. and international regulators and prosecutors have intensified their focus on enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.  Violations of such regulations present severe financial, reputational and legal risks - including personal exposure for senior management - for public as well as private companies whose business practices are under the scrutiny of the Israeli Securities Authority, Israeli Police, SEC, U.S. Department of Justice and other international enforcement bodies.

In order to deal with these risks, business organizations must develop and implement ABC and AML compliance programs and conduct anti-corruption due diligence on transactions and third parties.  GK Advisory helps companies across industries to create or improve their compliance programs. We evaluate existing or potential compliance risks, and advise senior management on ABC and AML issues.
Be Safe
Are you doing business in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, China, India or any other high-risk jurisdiction? Are you involved in the infrastructure, pharmaceutical, military or other high-risk industries?  Do you engage government-facing representatives, consultants, finders or agents?

If so, a risk-based ABC and AML program is an absolute necessity for you, in order to protect your company from reputational, legal and financial damages arising from ABC and AML violations.  An effective program is the key element of any defense, should regulatory or prosecutorial inquiry begin.
Be Competitive
ABC and AML compliance is a valuable and necessary differentiator for any international enterprise.  Governments, financial institutions, and multinational corporations expect their partners, contractors and bidders to have effectively implemented, efficient and readily auditable programs in place.